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Exercice of the week

Message  Admin(JS) le Mer Déc 05, 2007 11:17 am

This is a small exercice to do:

Choisir le mot de liaison qui convient

1- ..... it is very cold, it is not freezing. (though, as, because)
2-It was Sunday and ....most shops were closed. (since, though, therefore)
3-...you refuse to work, I will not give you a present. (after though, since)
4- They will come back...their work is over. (while, though, when)
5-...it was raining, I took my umbrella. (if, as, though)
6- He works seriously... become an engineer. (in order to,in spite of, so that)
7-...some were dancing, others were watching TV. (till, since, while)
8-Tomorrow is Sunday...you can stay in bed till lunch-time. (as, so , if)
9-...you marry Jenny, you will have to stop drinking and smoking. (So, therefore, if)
10-Most people didn't like the film ...it was boring. (after, if, because)

Correction mise en ligne en fin de semaine! Exclamation Exclamation


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